Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well, it required a lot of work, but LOST-n-Found is all moved into it's new home at, The new blog offers even better functionality for readers looking for information about the LOST Experience Alternate Reality Game. At the new blog, all posts will be divided into the following categories for easy reference:
~ARG Related Sites (Sublymonal, Let Your Compass Guide You, etc.)
~DJ Dan
~Gary Troup
~The Hanso Executives (Full recaps on Hanso, Mittelwerk, Thompson, and McIntyre)
~Persephone (Everything about here Numbers, and Hole clues)
~Rachel Blake
~Retrievers of Truth
~The Hanso Foundation Website (Full recaps on all hacks)
~News and Spoilers (Info about the show)
~Theory Mongering (My Theories)
~Miscellaneous (Random stuff about LOST)

Also included on my new blog will be “Headlines” links to frequently used posts, which will include:
~My clue timeline with links to all relevant posts, which will make finding information on the blog even easier.
~An up to date list of official and un-official ARG related sites, complete with links.
~A storyline of what is going on with the in-game characters.

Now that I have the new blog up and running, I will no longer be making entries here, After a few days, all posts from this blog will be deleted, and the only post will be a link to the new url. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to post a java script that will automatically redirect visitors to the new blog. I have no experience with java script, so any help and suggestions will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.